Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vanities :: Meg Gagnard

Meg writes the French blog De Quelle Planete Est Tu which is one of my go-to blogs for things to do and places to eat in Paris. I also noticed her perfect eyebrows from the first time I met her so I was really excited to hear that she would share some eyebrow tips for her Vanities feature.

Here's what Meg has to say about her vanity:
"I don't feel put together until I've groomed my brows every morning. Eyebrows are such a beautiful and expressive part of a person. My magic touch is using Brow Zings and Speed Brow by Benefit Cosmetics to highlight and shape my eyebrows to make them a bit more defined and full."
Thank you Meg! Click here to see other Vanities Posts.

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Tiffany said...

Wow. I need to get myself to the sourcil doctor. Wonder if Meg has any tips about that? said...

The sourcil doctor?! Haha. The gals at the Benefit shops in the states were definitely helpful. I guess my sourcil doctor was my mom! Haha!

jonahliza said...

i feel the same way about eyebrows.. and am in love with jennifer connellys' brows. the thicker the better! ;)


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