Are you getting bored of always doing the same eye makeup look every day? Well, here are four stunning eye colour and makeup combinations that will give you a whole new look:

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are probably the most underrated eye colour. But, if you have them, you can make them stand out with beautiful purples and plums. Use a lilac colour as your transition shade, and then deepen your creases with a purple tone. To give your eyes more dimension, pack in violet eye shadow on the outer corners of your eyes, and then use a sparkly bluish violet to highlight the centre of your eyelids. Don’t forget to use an iridescent eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to give them an extra pop. Lastly, use dense fake lashes that take the drama to the next level.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are very romantic, so you want to embrace this look with mauves and pinks. Use a nude-toned pink as your transition colour, and then give your eyes more depth by using a pinkish plum on your creases. Build up the look with a mauve shade on the outer corners of your eyes and a cool-toned sparkly eye shadow in the centre of your eyes. To highlight the inner corners, you can also use an iridescent eye shadow. Complete the look with wispy fake lashes that look flirty when you flutter your eyes.

Blue Eyes

Sandy corals will make blue eyes look like tiny drops of the ocean. To get this makeup look, use a light nude eye shadow as your transition shade. Accentuate the creases with a sandy brown colour. On the outer corners of your eyes, pack in a medium brown shade which you can pair with a sparkly coral eye shadow on the centre of your eyes. Lastly, a champagne highlighter will make those inner corners shine. To truly embrace the beachy vibes of this makeup look, go with your natural eyelashes. Just use an eyelash curler to give them drama and your favourite mascara to give them more volume.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes go best with a natural makeup look. You want to wear makeup that makes you look like you’re not wearing makeup. To achieve this, you should use a transition shade that looks almost identical to your skin tone. Build this up with a slightly darker nude shade on your creases, a sandy beige eye shadow on the outer corners, and a little highlight on the inner corners of your eyes. You want to skip the dramatic sparkly shade on the centre of your eyes to stay true to the natural look. Like the beachy makeup look for those who have blue eyes, you should embrace your natural lashes and use an eyelash curler and your favourite mascara as final touches.

Do you want to try these makeup looks but you’re not sure if they’ll suit your eye colour? Well, guess what? You can now change your eye colour with coloured lenses! By popping in a pair of coloured lenses, you can be more creative with your makeup looks, giving you more freedom to express yourself.