New Home

Undeniably the hard slog is over; you’ve completed on your new home and weeks or months of stress can begin to ebb away. You can now move into your property and a new and exciting stage of your life can begin. However, before you get too relaxed there are a few free ebooks key points to address when you move in to make sure everything is perfect for your new life.  

Deep clean 

Although it is traditional that any property you purchase will be expertly cleaned before you arrive, it can be some time before you complete and move in. For this reason, completing your own deep clean can be beneficial and help you start with a blank canvas you are happy with. You can use the cleaning products you like most, particularly when it comes to scent, to put your own fragrant mark on your new home. 

Change the locks 

When you buy a property your estate agent will give you the keys left by the previous tenants. However, you cannot be sure that every single key to your new home has been passed on. To give you peace of mind you could change all the locks on your home, including garages, sheds and outhouses. Whilst it is highly unlikely any previous occupiers will try and enter your new home it may settle any worrying thoughts you may have.  

Address any interior niggles

Before you move into your new home you will have undoubtedly of had a survey during the house viewing process to check the structural integrity of your property. However, there are going to be issues you want to address such as lifting carpets in exchange for a wooden floor or revealing a Victorian fireplace that was boarded up. If your budget allows, completing any DIY projects when you first move in saves from living in chaos when you have completely settled in. Remember, always lay any new carpets last, especially if you plan on painting. 

Safety precautions 

The previous owners of your new home may not have had emergency alarms installed, or they may be faulty. You should check that any fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working or fix those which need attention. Alternatively, you can buy brand new alarms to install for extra safety. This could also be an opportunity to look into home alarm security systems if this is something that would give you extra peace of mind in your new home.

Address your utilities 

When you move into a property it is best to get onto the utilities straight away. Start with your water and power suppliers; your gas and electricity can come from the same company if you wish. You don’t have to stay with the same companies as the previous owners and you can obtain quotes from providers to make sure you have the best deal. For instance, you can do a quick online search of “internet availability by address” to find the best providers in your area, then compare services and prices to pick the best one for your needs. Once the basic utilities are in place you can move on to the phone, TV packages, and anything else you deem necessary in your new home. 

Different types of insurance 

Lastly, one of the most important – but not compulsory – actions to undertake when moving into a new home is to look at insurance options. When you exchange contracts on your new home you are then in charge of your property which means buildings insurance, at the very least, should be in place from that date onwards. Some people also like to take out contents trademark registration for added peace of mind.