Though we may not realize it, our hair can impact our wellbeing and mental health. Women and men with hair loss often experience psychological effects like depression, anxiety and self-esteem.

Even if you aren’t dealing with hair loss, a bad day can have similar effects at a smaller scale. Frustrating hair may make you feel less attractive and lower your confidence. That’s why it’s important to find new everyday updos you can use to refresh your look and tame a bad hair day.

The seven hairstyles below are great for anyone who enjoys styling their hair or doesn’t know where to start. With little effort, you can look more put together for your day.

1. Classic Messy Bun

The messy bun is one of the most classic hairstyles for women. While some of us are lucky enough to create a cute messy bun every time we try, others may need a little more finessing.

To create a successful messy bun, make sure to keep it loose. If the bun is too tight, you might create too many bumps throughout your hair that end up looking less stylish. After you put your hair up, choose a few pieces of hair around the front of your face to bring out and create a nice framing effect.

You can add a little flair to a messy bun by using scrunchies to keep your hair together. Choose different materials and prints to add your personality to an already fun and casual hairstyle.

2. Low Ponytail With Decorative Scarf

Low ponytails are some of the best everyday updos for curly hair as well as straight hair. A low pony can be chic or casual, and it’s always easy to pull your hair back into one. A low pony also tends to be better for your hair since it pulls on your scalp less and causes less breakage.

To make your low pony look chic and stylish, tie it up with a decorative scarf. Bonus points if the scarf matches your outfit, which makes you look even more put together with little effort.

Keep in mind that this updo is best for anyone with short to medium-length hair.

3. Sleek Low Bun

Low buns offer easier everyday updos that create a classic, timeless look. A sleek low bun is perfect for the office or a night out. The style tends to accentuate your neck, so it makes you look poised and even taller than you may be.

To create a sleek bun, brush your hair and pull it back taught. Hold the hair at the nape of your neck and pin it together into a circular bun. If needed, use hairspray or products for shine to make sure your hair looks smooth.

4. Side Twist for Short Hair

Side twists make for great everyday updos for shoulder length hair or short hair. A side twist is also best for natural hair or second and third-day hair that hasn’t been washed yet.

When your hair is more textured, it has more body to hold this hairstyle. It’s perfect for anyone who’s usually on the go but still wants to look great on the days when you don’t have as much time to wash or style your hair.

True to its name, all you need to do is twist up sections of your hair at a time and pin them up to one side. Your finished style will have all your hair on one side tucked behind your ear in a simple, elegant style.

5. Full Top Knot

A full top know reminiscent of ballerinas is a great updo for looking poised and put together. Depending on how much hair you have, the top knot is easy to achieve with a single hair tie or with a few pins.

The secret to the top knot is making sure your hair is as smooth as possible, otherwise, it may look more like a messy bun. To create a full top knot, create a high ponytail and wrap your hair around the base, tucking in the end or pinning as you go.

6. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids aren’t just for milkmaids anymore. These days, the hairstyle offers a quick and easy method for putting your hair in an elegant updo. What’s great about the milkmaid style is that it’s very versatile for all levels of styling and the amount of time you have.

To create milkmaid braids, split your hair in a middle part and separate your hair evenly into two pigtails secured with hair ties. Braid each pigtail in any style you prefer. You can use a classic braid, fishtail braid or any other style.

Once each pigtail is braided, bring them up on top of your head and secure them with pins. Make sure you hide the ends of your braids as much as possible to make the style look seamless.

7. French Braided Bun or Ponytail

French braids are second-nature to most people, and they help create cute everyday updos for long hair. To upgrade your French braid, consider integrating it into a bun or ponytail rather than going with the standard pigtails.

Create a simple French braid on one or both sides of your head. Once you get to the bottom of your head where you’d begin to braid regularly, opt for a ponytail to pull your hair into a bun or ponytail.

A French-braided updo takes minutes, and it’ll make you look like you spent a lot of time getting ready in the morning. What’s great about this updo is you can sleep in it for a second-day, messier look that’s still great for errands and casual meetups.

Get Creative With Everyday Updos

Everyday updos are meant to be simple while still helping you look stylish and put together. While some of these styles are a great starting point, you can always get creative and add your personal touch. Experiment with different types of scrunchies, pins, accessories and braids.

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