European Hotspots

Eastern Europe Hotspots

In response for over-tourism in certain travel spots across Europe, the tourists have began to expand the horizon of the places they want to visit next summer 2018; which means that new hot-spots destinations are waiting to be discovered. Over-Tourism has led to growing tensions among the locals and tourists on the street, without mentioning that the overflowing crowds make the vacation experience less pleasant for the visitor.

So here are 3 Easter European places that are about to become “trendy” in Summer 2018, so read about them, and start putting them at the top of your list.


Situated in the Adriatic Sea, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its turquoise waters are astonishing, and its beaches are eye candy as well. Croatia has many islands and islets, which are as astounding as its water, and you are going to want to discover each one of them.

Croatia still counts with few Stone Age sites that have been discovered along the country which preserve the Croatian history with its typical architecture. Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, which means that the winters aren’t too cold, and the spring and summer seasons are extremely enjoyable. Compared to other European countries, Croatia offers surprisingly reasonable prices to tourists, which might make it even more popular among tourists.

The cuisine is a mixture in between Mediterranean and Italian, so it is full of rich ingredients and an abundance of plate varieties. On the same way, the climate contributes to Croatia having perfect vine-growing atmosphere. The wine here is exquisite, and a very reasonable place since it is local.


Russia might not be at the top of everyone’s travel list yet. It is an extraordinary country that everyone should visit next summer 2018. Russia is the biggest country in the world, and every aspect about it reflects that. The Russian architecture is very colorful, which is what sets it apart from any other.

Russia’s seasons are very notorious here, it can go to extreme cold, to a perfectly nice sunny and warm summers. In spring and summer, Russia blooms, the snow begins to melt and the colorful flowers appear. Each season has its advantages, there are different activities for every type of weather so whenever you decide to visit you won’t miss out on anything. However, as beautiful as the winter might be in Russia, it is extremely cold, and one might not want to stroll through the street, or spend too much time outdoors as a consequence of this. Summer has a variety of festivals and activities in addition to their palaces and buildings.

Russia is for everyone, and it has a bit of everything. The top places that are worth paying a visit too are: Moscow and St. Petersburg. These places are famous for their architecture, history, nature, palaces and theaters. Russia is a country that will amaze everyone for its diversity in every aspect of the city.


Hungary is a place that has the metropolis as well as the countryside. Hungary might not be a ‘hot spot’ at the moment, but its about to become one this summer, so start planning your trip and making all the necessary preparations. This place is famous for its culture, as well as its traditional cuisine. Once you come to his place you will never leave hungry, and you will keep wanting more. A traditional dish from this place is called ‘Goulash’ a stew of meat that has paprika, lángos, and stuffed cabbage; it’s a classic dish that you can’t miss.

The countryside is filled with natural flora and fauna, the views from this place are quite amazing as you’ll get a sense of peace while admiring a beautiful scenery. Since Hungary isn’t at the top of everyone’s list at the moment, it’s a very affordable place right now. A lot of the city’s famous sightings are free of charge, and once you leave the capital, the prices become even more economic.