Fitness Tips

Being a mom implicates having no breaks or pauses for yourself. It can often be a struggle to even squeeze in a workout during a busy day. It’s even hard for some people to stick to an exercise routine, and for moms, it’s even more complicated to find the time for them. Fitting fitness into a mom’s schedule is complicated, however with a little planning and anticipation is achievable. Think of your health being a priority; when you are happy, everyone else is happy too.

So here we offer you some tips on how to find time, space, and on how to get it done.

Early bird gets the worm

Sometimes the day is full of activities and commitments to attend. Some moms work and others are full time at home, nevertheless putting off a workout for ‘later’ in the day, means that most of the time you won’t be able to make that space in your busy calendar. One of the tips we’ve heard from many moms is that they are able to accomplish more before everyone is awake. Although this might be right at dawn, waking up at this time will allow you to have a moment for yourself, and also to get the working-part over before everyone is awake.

Schedule it

A lot of parents work out their days by schedule calendars; that is how they know when they have commitments or when kids have activities. It establishes who is busy and who is free to attend to each thing, and to make further planning for your personal plans. Here is a perfect time to fit in your exercise in a day, and therefore it turns into a commitment not only to you, but also to your partner to take care of the kids meanwhile. You both can get advantage of this, while your partner helps you to obtain that time, you can do the same for him, and make this appointment non-negotiable.

Include your kids

We are aware that finding time alone as a parent can be nearly impossible, which is why we tell you that you don’t need to be alone in order to work out. You can be working out at home with the company of your kids, and don’t feel like you are missing of time spent with them. You can either include them in your workout, or make them do an activity that makes you have them in your constant watch while you exercise by their side. You can find videos on how to work out at home, and find a space to be able to do it. It could happen that, your kids will try to tag along, so let them try to exercise with you, not only is this a bonding time for you and them, but also you are promoting a healthy lifestyle for them.

Run with them

Take advantage of this, and put your kids in a stroller and take them out running with you. This might even make the experience more enjoyable for you, as you will be enjoying of their company while you are being able to workout.

Make the most out of the time you get

Don’t complain of whatever time you get to exercise, always use it. Even if it feels like is too little time to fit in a workout, use it, take advantage of it and be active. Don’t make the time an excuse, you can do little but at least is something. You should attempt to get your workouts in whenever you can. The important part is having the motivation to do it, and getting it done. Most of us have unused chunks of time in our day, and this is when we should make them productive and use them for working out.