Last week a friend of mine S R Buzzi or buzzer as we call him, was going on a first date with a girl that he had been interested in for some time. My friend was really nervous before he went on the date and so he asked the boys last week in the pub, how he should go about this first date. Most people offer the old “oh just be yourself” and whilst there is some wisdom in this, it does not have the specifics which are necessary. After courting opinion from all of the boys, I wanted to write this post to give you some hints on how you should, and shouldn’t act on your first date.

Chill Out

Despite this being quite a nervous event, the first step is to relax, going to a date highly strung and nervous is going to felt by your date, and it won’t go very well. The best thing to calm yourself down is just to think “what is the worst thing that could possibly happen?” Remember that you are on a date with someone who agreed, which means that the worst that can happen is you fail to impress her, or you realise that you guys won’t gel. If the worst does happen then you simply move on, find someone who you do gel with.

Don’t Lie

There can be a temptation to embellish your life or downright lie about what you do and who you are, this is never a good idea. The first reason is that if you get found out for lying, the date is over and you look like a fool, the second reason is that lies are hard to stay on top of. If you feel like you need to lie for this girl to like you, then you shouldn’t be going on a date with them in the first place.


This may sound a little sad but for anyone who feels nervous it is a great way for you to calm down and enjoy your date. Before the date, write a few things down on your phone that you can talk about with the girl. This is perfect for those awkward silences and moments of nervousness and they can really help you to stay on track. If you do this, make sure that you don’t sit staring at your phone all night for your notes, which leads us onto the final piece of advice.

Ignore Your Phone

When you check your phone during a meal or drinks whilst you are on your date, you are basically saying to the girl that you are with “I’m looking for something more interesting than you” you may not mean to, but this is how it will come across. Equally, if the girl starts looking at her phone, she may be telling you the same so it is time to turn the charm on a little bit more. Ignore your phone, focus on your date.