Confidence is one of those qualities that everyone wants but can be extremely elusive. You can’t learn it from reading a book or taking a class, it has to come from the inside and emanate outward.

Confidence often comes from someone feeling great about their appearance and with this in mind having yourself look good in every way possible can add to how you feel about yourself and life in general.

One particular area that is central in someone’s confidence is their teeth. Having straight white teeth is recognized everywhere as being desirable and so when you do have them, your confidence will rise. Unfortunately most do not have straight white teeth, and so there needs to be some effort made to get them. The great news is that you can see a quality dentist like Dr. Kami Hoss and get the teeth and the smile you want. Follow the guidelines below and you will increase your confidence:


It used to be that only high school and some college aged kids got their teeth straightened. The procedure was to have metal braces placed on the teeth for us to two years. It was uncomfortable and unsightly and required constant visits to the dentists to realign. These days however people of all ages are straightening their teeth. Regardless of age, anyone can have this done in order to make them look perfect.

The reasons for so many people opting to have this done is the plethora of new procedures available and costs some of these procedures now being less 30% of the traditional options. These new options include a new type of metal braces that are less complicated and unsightly. Another current option involves a transparent, gum-shield placed across your teeth. Both methods will be able to align your teeth in the same or less time as traditional braces and the finished look is the same.

Teeth Whitening

A fact of getting older means that your teeth will become stained and yellow. When it will happen varies and depends on several factors. If you smoke for instance your teeth will yellow more quickly. The same is true if you drink lots of coffee, tea, or soda, or eat lots of citrus, blueberries and candy. These drinks and foods either bond to teeth or cause the bacteria on teeth to grow and cause your teeth to yellow.

If your teeth have gotten yellow for whatever reason, there are options for you to whiten them. At home you can try new whitening toothpastes and even natural remedies like baking soda. There are also home whitening kits that do a good job if the yellowing is only slight. If it is more than slight, you will more than likely need to see a dentist for teeth cleaning and whitening. There are a couple of ways in which a dentist can do this; any will whiten your teeth using chemicals that remove the stains on teeth, the results can be great but they will only last for a short period time. Other dentists use the more costly lasers to clean and whiten teeth. This gives much better and longer lasting results.

In the event you have teeth missing or broken a dentist can also offer you veneers for as many teeth as you want replaced. Some people opt to have their entire set of teeth replaced with veneers. This is a very expensive option but it will give you perfect teeth for a lifetime.