Furniture Staging

Real estate professionals concur that executive property staging can increase the value of a property by 6% to 20%. In the current global real estate slump, it has become harder to sell a home by its original business.

This is why styling services are so critical for any homeowner trying to offload their property fast without lowering its cost. Without these services, your property might stay too long in the market, which could result in reduced selling prices.

Professional staging services will fill your house with tasteful accessories, art pieces, and furniture to transform empty rooms into livable spaces.

Whenever a potential buyer walks into a well-staged property, they will have very little trouble visualizing themselves in the said space. There will be no off-putting echoes, and the true potential of the property will be revealed.

You will also have fantastic photos to help you sell your home faster, online. Home styling requires much more than merely filling a house with accessories and furnishings.

The guide below will help you rent the best décor pieces and furniture for that house on sale.

Tips to keep in mind when renting home staging furniture.

Choose furniture for spaces that matter the most to a buyer

While staging a vacant home does make a lot of sense, the idea can be very daunting cost-wise. Staging your house, however, does not mean that you have to fill it to the brim with expensive furniture and appliances. Interior designers will tell you that an overstuffed room tends to feel small to the user or buyer.

What you need to do is to rent a few choice pieces for every room that you are planning to style since the idea is to give buyers a sense of their fitting. Do not stage every room in your house. You only need to prepare the master bath and bedroom, dining and living room and the kitchen to satisfy your buyers. These are the most vital and viewed spaces by most buyers.

Choose a good furniture store

Furniture rental providers work with stringent contracts, so you have to be careful that you are not locked into a long-term rental agreement. The price of furniture leases, however, does get cheaper with longer contracts. Keep it in mind that you will need to fully pay for the full lease term if your home sells faster than anticipated. You also need to pick providers that will deliver your chosen pieces quickly and safely. A service provider willing to professionally stage the house as well as pick up the furniture once the home is sold is a perfect choice.

Pick neutral furniture

Pick neutral furniture, accessories, and hues that have a mass appeal. Work on an obtrusive style that will display your home’s virtues without drawing too much attention away from it to the staged furniture. Additionally, let your home styling be consistent throughout all the staged rooms and add some pops of colour using throw pillows and rugs.

Do not neglect the backyard

Most homebuyers say that they love to see a well-staged backyard. If your house has a patio or deck, you need to rent good outdoor furniture. Outdoor living is a huge trend right now so flaunt that backyard for success.