Typically, network marketing opportunities are built on the concept of part time working, giving people a type of supplemental income. However, the goal usually is to turn it into a full time job that allows you to be your own boss. Doing so, however, means that you have to self-motivate yourself, or you won’t receive any money. This is something that Joseph Cianciotto focuses on in particular. As an expert marketer, he has worked very hard throughout his career to motivate people to self-motivate.

Joseph Cianciotto on Motivating the Motivator

When someone first starts with network marketing, they have to work for almost no income. This can make it very difficult to stay motivated, because we prefer to get immediate results. This is why there should be such a focus on building the dream or the goal, which is always something in the future.

When you focus on the goal, it becomes much easier to enjoy the overall journey. And if there is an occasional setback, it isn’t the end of the world. It is like driving from Los Angeles to New York. That is your journey, with an eventual destination. Having a flat tire on the way does not mean your entire trip is cancelled. If you see this particular trip as a network marketing journey, you will also quickly see that there will be many flat tires along the road.

How to Use the Dream as a Motivator

  1. Make sure you are always in contact with the representatives of your network marketing company. Call people in person regularly and make that conversation about their goals. Ask them how they are progressing towards achieving it. In fact, you can get away with not mentioning the marketing business at all in those conversations, unless the representative asks about it themselves. If they don’t, then you can always suggest a second, later conversation about the business. Make the dream the most important thing, however.
  2. Visit your representative and show them their dream. If they want a big house, drive past one. If they want to own a boat, take them sailing. If they want a fancy car, take them to a dealership. Make it visual and tangible and you make it real and remind them what they are working for.
  3. Give your representatives unique gifts every once in a while. For instance, if their dream is to own a Mazda MX5, why not give them the matching keychain, or a toy model of the car? And have it inscribed with “the dream”, for instance. It is another constant visual reminder of what they are working for and that is the best motivator there will ever be.
  4. In the case of professions like sales, it would be ideal to use targets and quotas as a motivator. You can offer them attractive sales compensation plans to drive their performance and stay self-motivated to over perform themselves.

Getting people motivated to self-motivate is difficult, particularly in the world of network marketing were the results tend to be quite slow at first. However, by staying focused on the goal, or the dream, you can go a long way towards making sure people stick with the program.