Renovate Living Room

Living Room Renovations

While you might feel that other rooms deserve a renovation as well a living room is an important space to pay attention as well since it is often the first room guests see. Renovating your living room can be an exciting process, however it can be a bit overwhelming too. One might not know how much to spend? Where to begin? What steps to take? Etc.

The key to a successful renovation is planning things ahead to end up with a desired transformation. Although this might take longer than expected, a remodeling project is a journey.  You not only need to consider your budget and the process, but also you should consider your lifestyle, you should consider what this space will be used for. When renovating, you should think long term, envision yourself and the scenarios that you see occurring in this space.

White walls are like a blank canvas

Color can make a big difference to a room. When you have a white wall, you can do anything with it, and it will create a big difference on the way the room is perceived. Also, it is an easy way to renovate a room. A lot of people paint their walls initially white, to give the room a sense of cleanness or to make it feel wider, but eventually this feels boring.

It might be a bold move to add color, but it might really bright up the room and make a really big difference. You don’t have to necessarily paint the wall, but maybe hanging a large-scale art might give your living room a wow factor and make it a place for people to look at.

Don’t be square

When considering the furniture that will be used in the new living room, often people just go for the basic rectangle couch, square coffee table, square pillows, etc. Break out of the box; consider things with other geometric shapes. They might bring out a lot of life into a room, and more movement in it, instead of all looking squared and the same.

For example, a round coffee table can help visually balance a space that is filled with straight lines. Something as small as a round coffee table can make a lot of difference in a space. It breaks the pattern when everything has the same style, and it often brings equilibrium into the room. Anything can help you out to break out of the box, pillows, lamps, rugs, etc; the point is to break from the typical geometrical pattern.

Make the room feel bigger

When renovating, think that less is more. When we cramp things into a small space, it tightens things up visually and physically. A lot of things in a room, make it feel smaller. This often is the feeling we get when a room is messy, it feels crowded, but when we clean it, it gets a sense that is more spacious. The same thing can be applied when renovating your living room, the less you put in it, the bigger it will seem; the more things you put in the tighter it will seem.

Another advice for this is getting furniture with exposed legs, so that they are off the floor and it will keep the living room from feeling cramped.

Or, hanging curtains above the window frame, gives a sense of a larger room, which might help for living rooms that are not as big.