Since time immemorial our homes have been influenced by different architectural and interior designs from different countries. In current times the interior design trend that has become progressively dominant in today’s modern home has to be Scandinavian design or Scandinavian design. It is one of the most admired interior designs in the world.

To understand what Scandinavian design is, you should understand its features, and what makes it unique.

Features of Scandinavian Design

Purposeful and Artistically Appealing:

Scandinavian design is known for its three key components. Beauty, Functionality, and Simplicity. Combining both aesthetics and functionality is the core basis of Scandinavian design.

Use Natural Materials:

The Scandinavian design incorporates natural materials, especially timber in the design of house materials and furniture. The beauty of Scandinavian designs is that they use human craftsmanship to transform these materials into beautiful objects or surfaces.


Hygge is a Norwegian word which can be loosely translated to wellbeing; Scandinavian designs, promotes general wellbeing providing a cozy, warm and genial feel to the interior décor of a room, it applies to not only the interior design, but also to food, activities and even food. The Scandinavian design emphasizes on Hygge, promoting warm, and naturally filled light interiors that promote general wellbeing

Provides a Cozy Interior:

Scandinavian designs are simple in design, incorporating clean lines to ensure the house is elegant, warm and family friendly. Scandinavian designs epitomize a homely feel

Highly Versatile

Scandinavian designs are never constant and is always evolving, incorporating different ideas and influence. From rustic designs to contemporary designs, Scandi designs ensure there is a look for every house

Tips for Achieving a Perfect Scandi Interior

  1. Keep it Minimalistic

Minimalism is the golden rule for Scandinavian designs. You should ensure your decor is as simple and minimalistic as possible. Whether you are decorating your kitchen, bedroom or patio, furniture should consist of simple lines and they should have a neutral color.

  1. Use Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are the epitome of Scandinavian designs. Neutral colors include eggshell white, stony greys, charcoal, deep sea green or blue, and any color that you might see on the surface of a rocky beach.

  1. Incorporate Natural Materials

If it is not natural it is not Scandinavian design, your Scandi influenced home should incorporate, silk, wood, paper, leather, cotton, wool, linen, glass, velvet and even ceramic objects. From your bedsheets, furniture to your carpet, you should ensure materials and shades are natural

  1. Combine Textures

Mixing the textures adds variety in the room. Combining various textures not only instills the space with visual warmth, but it will ensure the house is more appealing and cozy, and most of all comfortable Never be afraid to clash textures and using various layering techniques

  1. Choose the Perfect Clean-Lined Furnishings

The main trademark of Scandinavian design is clean-lined furnishings. For the perfect Scandi interior design you should get Scandi furniture. Artistically designed chairs and sleek sofa sets are a standard feature in Scandinavian interior décor.