Travelling around the world is no easy feat. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time abroad, you’ll need to be extra prepared, since there are plenty of things that you’ll need to take with you. Some seem obvious, and some less so, but truth is, you need to put a lot of thought before setting off on your adventure. Packing the proper things, no matter how experienced and well-traveled you are, is a smart move.

A good backpack

Depending on how and where you travel, you’ll need a good backpack. Not every backpack is suited for every situation, and your choice for one will largely depend on your travelling style. It’s wise to choose a backpack that will protect your gear and items, but won’t be a burden or hindrance once you’re on the road. Having a good backpack will save you a lot of hassle, and they can be used over and over again, making them an ultra-essential thing.

Good shoes

Most travelers says that they spend a lot more time walking when they’re on the road, in comparison to when they’re home. That’s why it’s wise to invest in good shoes and footwear. And don’t just buy a single set of shoes. You might want to go hiking, or you’ll want to have a casual stroll in a warmer city, and even go out at night. Invest in a few different sets of footwear, and your feet will be thanking for years to come.

Rain protection

Everywhere you go, it’ll rain. It’s always smart to have a good umbrella and rain jacket, because you never know when you might need them. And definitely don’t skimp out on those, especially if you have things that can be ruined from rain. You might also want to think about a rain pack cover. You might not need it as often, but it will definitely come in handy when you do.

Thermal underwear

Instead of overdressing, try going for a more unique option. Having a layer of clothing dedicated to keeping your body temperature stable is much better than wearing big, bulky sweaters. Since the key for being warm is layers, a layer of thermal underwear as the bottom layer is the best option there is. Merino wool is probably the best option, but it’s usually the most expensive. However, polypropylene is also really good, and it will keep you nice and warm in the most difficult of seasons.

Sorority Shirts

This one might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s actually a very smart option. Part of traveling is the allure of the unknown, but sometimes you might need an extra helping hand. If you’re wearing a sorority shirt, someone else from that sorority sees it, you’re bound to have an extra travelling buddy. You can even make your own custom sorority shirts just for travelling, like the ones here, so that you’ll always have one of those handy for when you need to go places.

Travel adapters

The best choice for a travel adapter is the universal multi adapter. They can convert any plug to any other, and they’re incredibly useful to have around. You’ll often find them at airports, but at ridiculously expensive prices, so it’s best to get one while you’re at home.

A padlock

One of the most overlooked items, padlocks are some of the most useful things you can get for travel. It doesn’t matter how secure the place you’re staying is, you should always have your bags locked when they’re not with you. There are some hostels in the world that give you a personal locker to use, so you can use your locker on those. Just make sure to put in a combination only you would know, otherwise your bags might be easy pickings.

Ear plugs

Travelling is a noisy business, so getting good ear plugs is an extremely smart move. You’ll definitely need them, whether in buses or airplanes, or even hostels. You never know when there’s going to be a racket, and you’ll need all the sleep you can get when you’re on the road. Make sure to get several pairs before you go, you can lose them pretty easily.

Personalized first-aid kit

A definite no-brainer, a first-aid kit that suited to your needs is a thing you should not forget. You can buy a basic kit at a pharmacy, and then fill it with things that suit your needs. Medications, hand-sanitizer, insect repellents, anything along those lines that you need put it in the first-aid kit. It’s definitely a life-saver.

Everyone has their own personal travel style, and there’s no absolute way to travel. Always think ahead about what you’re going to need, and when you’re going to need it. Having a list of essentials is great, but personalizing it as much as possible is even better.