Since people started staying home, they worry about being unproductive. While others brag about what they accomplished, others thought they’re doing nothing. If you feel like you’re not doing as much as others, it’s okay. No one said that this lockdown period is for you to work as much as you can. If anything, it’s an opportunity for you to relax. Once things get back to normal, you wouldn’t have the chance to rest well. You will spend several hours working in your office, and getting stuck in traffic for a few more. 

Learn when to stop 

If you have to work from home, it’s understandable. You can still finish some tasks online. However, you shouldn’t force yourself to complete all of them in one go. You have to stop if you feel exhausted. Even if you’re working from home, it doesn’t make your tasks easier. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed because you didn’t accomplish a lot in one day. 

Spend time with your family 

The hours you spend with your family can be exhausting, but it gives you so much joy. When you’re working in the office, you barely spend time with your children. You leave home early, and you get back home late. Since you have to work from home, you can use it to bond with them. Try doing the activities you never did before because you were too busy. You can also help them with homework. The fact that you gave sufficient time for the people you love means that you spent your day well. 

Do the things you couldn’t do before

You used to be passionate about something. You also used to desire to learn something new. Since you have to work hard to provide for your family, you lost interest in doing them. Perhaps, it’s time that you reconsider doing these things. If you loved learning a new language, you could try doing it again. If you were into arts and crafts, it’s time to pick that hobby back. 

Another important thing you couldn’t do before is to bathe for a long time. You always have to rush because you might be late for work. If you want to enjoy bathing and even use a tub, you can do it now. If you don’t have a bathtub at home, you can find the best choices at You have more time in your hands now, and you don’t need to leave home. If these things make you happy, they’re worth doing. 

Failure to relax could lead to mental health issues. Therefore, you have to spend the time you have at home well. You also have to make some of them a part of your routine. Even if your schedule gets back to normal, you can still spend sufficient time bathing. You might have to do it at least twice a week. Being productive is suitable for your career and for boosting your income source. However, they’re not the only things that matter in life.