Looking in touch with trends is a much needed skill. For today’s woman, it is important to demonstrate an ability to understand what is going on in the world of fashion and art. This is something that many makeup companies such as Lime Crime understand. They know that modern woman are not content with the mere ordinary. They want to be at the curve of fashion and ideally even ahead of it. This is why many woman choose to buy their products. Each one has been carefully designed to go well with the latest trends in fashion and art hitting runways all over the world.

Statement Eyeliner

One of the most popular of all spring trends in makeup today is the use of eyeliner that makes a dramatic statement. Just as spring is all about the bold and new, the same is true of the Venus palette. People can count on the use of these colors to help them create a look for their eyes is that is fully in tune with spring trends. A waterproof eyeliner is a must for the woman of day. This makes it easier than ever to create the ideal line and bring attention to a woman’s lovely eyes.

Purple is the Color

Another trend that is highly popular this season are shades of purple. Purple speaks of many important things. It’s the lovely color of a set of irises across a garden. It’s the color of majesty. Softer shades of purple speak of new life and babies. At Lime Crime, they offer many shade of purple to pick from including magenta, plum, lilac and and lavender. Today’s woman can find the kind of shade of purple that adds zing to her wardrobe and a feeling of much needed contrast to the rest of her outfit.

Easy Care Lipstick

When spring comes along, many women find themselves busier than ever. Spring is a time for many things such as picnics in a garden and plans for the summer months with children. Today’s woman doesn’t want to spend a lot time having to worry about makeup when she’s outside. She wants makeup that will last and look good all day long no matter where she is or what she’s doing. Many women know they can rely on Lime Crime to provide them with lipstick that does not need to be applied a dozen times a day to look good.

Hydrated Skin

Skin care is essential all year long. It’s particularly important during the spring. Many women start to spend more time outdoors as the weather lightens. It’s easy to lose track of time. It’s also easy to spend a lots of time in the sun getting burned. Using makeup can moisturize the skin and keep it looking better even after a long day outside. Using gentle cleaners is a must to help remove old makeup and keep your face look vibrant. When a woman has the beauty care routine she needs, spring is even more enjoyable.

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