Tips for Vegas

Hitting a casino for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience and this was something which I experienced last year when a buddy of mine took me for my very first casino trip. ever since then I have been going to the casino around once per month to have some fun, gamble a little and generally enjoy the thrill of being in the middle of a casino. I am pretty lucky that I have the fantastic Bicycle Casino very close to me, it is one of the largest in the country and it makes for a great place to spend a night out. Usually when I am in the casino I’ll see many people who are clearly there on their first time, and I feel their pain. I wanted then, to give you some tips on going to the casino for your first time, and how to survive.


Something that I fid before I went to the casino that I really think helped me out was to do a little bit of research on the various casino games, how to play them, and how to gamble on them. I don’t spend hours and hours on this, but with a quick search online you can find some great articles and videos that talk you through how to play each of the games.


Naturally casinos can be a dangerous place when it comes to your money and there are many people who have got themselves into finical difficulties as a result of their gambling. The first thing to remember that going to a casino is about having fun, not necessarily winning big bucks. With this in mind I always like to approach my finances like this, think about how much you’d be willing to lose in the casino, and then take no more money that this. When people lose money they often chase the lost cash and end up losing more, if you only take what you can afford to lose, you’ll never have this problem and if you win, then even better.


When it comes to picking a table for your chosen game, try to pick a quiet one which will give you less pressure, as well as meaning that the croupier may be able to help you out with some advice. You should also avoid the high roller tables where people are gambling huge amounts of money, unless you plan on going for broke, stick to the tables with low buy-ins, and far less pressure. There can be a feeling in a casino that everyone knows what they are doing more than you do and so making sure that you select the right table is vital. Have a walk around the casino and try to find the perfect table for you to get your night started, once you have gambled a little, you will feel much more confident.