Whale Watching

Undoubtedly, there is an extra thrill attached to witness wild and marine life in real time just several metres away from you. You can’t replicate the same experience while watching them on your humongous plasma screen.

If you live in Sydney or visiting the city then treat yourself by witnessing the migration activity of humpback whales from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef on the top of a cruise. Here, we will discuss some informative points about the whole expedition that you must know beforehand to maximize your whale watching experience.

Spots on the Cruise to Witness Whale Migration

Even though you can experience the movement of whales from anywhere on the cruise, but most certainly bridge and front deck are ideal to have a panoramic view of the Pacific. People with more adventurist streak can climb onto the fly bridge deck to see further into the abyss.

For a calming real time experience of watching the biggest aquatic animal, lay down on comfortable high back couches on the main deck.

Whale Species you get to Watch

In most of the cases, people get to watch humpback whales on their voyage of Sydney Harbor Cruise. In some outings, Southern Right Whales can also be witnessed. If one gets luckier then he/she can cherish the rare appearance of blue, sperm and mink whales because they are usually seen once during the whole season.

Don’t Worry About Sea sickness

Don’t miss a lifetime experience of witnessing live migration of whales just because you are anxious about getting motion sickness. With state of the art cruises of OZ whale watching, you won’t feel the extreme buoyant effect of the sea. With bigger cruises, there are minimal chances that your perception of balance and equilibrium would get disturbed.

It’s a Limited Time Opportunity

Keep in mind, whale watching in Sydney is a time-sensitive experience. You can’t witness whales all year round from the Sydney Harbor. There is a particular time for the migration of humpbacks starting from May till the mid of December. During this time period, thousands of these whales travel along the seashore of Sydney.

Ideal Time to Witness Whales

Migration of whales remains unaffected whether it morning, afternoon or any other part of the day. However, it is better to have your whale watching planned in the early hours of day. You can feast on a hot breakfast while enjoying the movement of gigantic aquatic mammals.

Whale Watching is a Foolproof Experience

There is a set of rules and regulations followed by every cruise service facilitating the journey of whale watching. Every cruise is directed to maintain at least 100 meters of distance from the movement of whales. Life Jacket’s can also be provided to people suffering from aqua phobia and or the ones who just want to be extra cautious.

Cruise crew is also skilful and have sufficient experience of navigating in sea waters. So, enjoy your whale watching experience to the fullest without getting gratuitously worried about the safety and security.