Travel insurance is one of the most disputed issues in the travel industry. People feel confused as to whether they should opt for travel insurance or not. Some people argue that they do not need to spend their money on something they do not need. On the other hand, many people say that travel insurance is necessary. However, it is important for you to remove your doubts. That is so because if you will remain confused and full of doubts, you will not be able to make a clear decision.

The following article will help you in understanding as to why you need to get travel insurance always. When you will recognize the reasons for getting travel insurance, it is certain that you will not have much problem in choosing it as well. The given points should help you to the fullest:

Cancellation of the trip

There could be a number of reasons for cancellation of the trip. Maybe the weather was too harsh or maybe the plane crashed. In any case, you deserve the money you spent on booking the ticket. It is the most popular reason for getting travel insurance because if the trip is canceled then the person gets a full refund, in most cases. You would not want to lose all of your money because of a simple cancellation.

Severe sickness


Although it happens rarely, if you get sick suddenly and become unable to travel, then your travel insurance will help you get your money back. These things happen at any kind of traveling plan. Maybe you were going on a business trip, but getting sick or injured is clearly not in your hands. You will need a doctor’s note on your sickness for availing the insurance.

Lost or stolen luggage


It is also one of the most popular reasons for people to get travel insurance. Numerous people lose their baggage because of thievery. Stolen baggage is very hard to get back. You will have to pay a little extra but having insured baggage will certainly help you in this regard.

You will not get your lost belongings but at least you will get the money back for buying them again. Luckily, if you’re on your way to a couples resort, it’s likely you’ll be able to buy clothes, bathing suits, and other essentials without traveling away from the resort. Having some stuff stolen causes a lot of pain but getting the insurance money will help in easing it.

Another major reason for getting travel insurance is the possibility of baggage going missing. You might think that airlines do not miss the baggage of their customers often but you are wrong. That is so because it is a very common occurrence in the current industry and numerous people face great amounts of difficulties because of it.

A serious outbreak

Outbreaks of serious diseases occur rarely but they do happen. You cannot neglect the presence of such diseases. Ebola Virus and Swine Flu are just a few of the most popular outbreaks. Contacting such diseases during your travel will cause you a large number of problems. Some travel insurance plans cover these outbreaks too. Therefore, you will be able to get proper treatment fast and effectively with the help of the insurance, in case something bad happens.

An occurrence of a natural disaster

Natural disasters happen randomly. Anticipating most of the natural disasters is impossible but facing difficulties because of them is common. Natural disasters can cause a number of problems. They could delay your flight or cause the cancellation of the same. Moreover, you have no control over them. However, travel insurance will also cover this aspect of these disasters. Thus, if you end up losing your flight or your flights is canceled because of these disasters then you will get the money back to some extent.

Sudden death

This is another rare occurrence because very few people have died traveling. However, you would definitely want insurance in case something of this sort occurs. The dying person could be you or it could be a loved one.

For long journeys or foreign journeys, such insurance becomes essential because some life insurance plans fail to cover these territories. It is certain that you would not want face problems in this case because of your insurance’s technical issues.

Medical emergency

Any kind of medical emergency can lead to a number of problems and difficulties. Getting sick while you are traveling can cause much trouble later on as well so you would definitely want travel insurance to pay for any kind of additional expenses you incur. It could help you get a proper treatment or return immediately, depending on your requirements and condition.


Travel insurance is, therefore essential for almost all kinds of journeys. You would not want to face issues during a simple journey. Moreover, getting travel insurance is not a hard task either. In most cases, you can get the insurance through the portal you are booking your ticket. Just remember to read the terms beforehand in order to avoid difficulties.