Italy is visited by more than ten million tourists each year. It is filled with stunning villages, beautiful coastal areas, pretty rural areas, mountainous regions, and it has a fascinating history that dates back more than 2 millenniums. The food and wine have become popular all over the world so be sure to indulge in the fabulous cultural delights while you are travelling.

The Vatican

The Vatican is a country inside of the city of Rome. It is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and it is filled with fascinating historical treasures. Join a tour group which gives you a queue jump so that you don’t have to spend ages waiting to enter the these heavily visited areas. St. Peter’s Basilica has stunning architecture that is an important sight in the Roman skyline. Be sure to visit the Vatican Museums and the Vatican Gardens. Make sure that you also visit the Apostolic Palace where you can see Michelangelo’s masterpiece inside of the Sistine Chapel.


Umbria is commonly called the “green heart” of Italy and it is located in the centre of the country. There are many lovely areas to visit in this green space. Perugia, the capital city is the site of many Roman, Etruscan and medieval monuments that are exiting to explore. Each year in July there is an amazing jazz festival that draws people from all over the world to the area. Find out more about this festival, and other great festivals in Italy here. Be sure to head to Assisi, a charming hill town that is known as the birthplace and resting place of St. Francis. You can also join truffle hunting tours throughout Umbria and learn and eat these tasty morsels.


Pompeii was a bustling city until Mt. Vesuvius erupted In 79AD. Many people that lived in the city perished. Their lives were coated in a layer of ash that has left everything perfectly preserved for the past 2,000 years. You can see stone streets, remains of buildings, and perfectly preserved people, animals, pottery, glassware and furniture. Visiting Pompeii provides a fascinating insight into the way people used to live.

Amalfi Coast

To properly explore the stunning Amalfi Coast you should do it by travelling through the water and along the road. You can rent a car and drive the stunning 40 km that will take you from Vietri sul Mare to Positano. Spend a few days in Positano where you can take painting lessons, cooking lessons, and see the stunning views. You can then join a boat excursion that will allow you to explore every stunning nook and cranny along the coast. Make sure that you indulge in freshly caught seafood and try a local drink called limoncello that is made from locally grown sweet lemons.


Florence is a fascinating city that is a juxtaposition of modernity and history. You will find the headquarters of fashion greats like Ferragamo, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, and Cavalli. You can hire personal shoppers that will help you navigate the shops. You can also find stunning examples of medieval architecture as well as works of art from the Masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello.