To succeed in any area of life you need to have a specific set of qualities that you adopt and adhere to every day. These qualities are consistent with winners and leaders in every industry and walk of life.

If you can master this extraordinary combination of attributes and skills, you will be prepared for the world today, and be ready to live an 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. But to be clear, you not only need to live in this environment, you need to shape it and harness it to propel things forward. To do this you need a specific set of qualities. Here are some of the most critical;

An Ability to Think Critically

The ability to analyze information to establish its veracity or truth is called critical thinking. In a world of fake news and lies that are easy to disseminate faster than they can be verified and shot down by those in authority, it is extremely important to have great critical thinking skills as part of your business acumen. The ability to think critically is a skill that separates leaders from followers. In our rapidly moving technological world, more information is available at the touch of a mouse, but it needs to be sifted through critically to make sure that it is good information for us to internalize and make decisions upon. Good critical thinking arms you with tools to decipher information as it is received and to filter out what is not real or relevant. This skill is perhaps the most important today for creating tomorrow’s success stories.

High Emotional Intelligence

Good decision making depends greatly on your management of your emotions. Having a high level of self- worth gives you a greater ability to take on new challenges in life. When people feel good about themselves, they look for better solutions and want to treat the people around them well. Typical good emotional management starts from childhood. Young kids have develop a self-worth from their relationship with their parents. But, as children grow into teenagers, they focus much more on peer acceptance and independence and tend to move away from the influence of their parents. This is a pivotal time because if the parents have not laid a good foundation, they can veer off course due to peer interaction and stubbornness. In other words if they are too emotionally immature.

Dozens of research studies on the subject have shown that emotional intelligence predicts over 54% of the variation in success. Strong emotional intelligence is more than a nice quality to have in terms of success, it is a necessary quality for being successful.

Great Focus

Our lives are filled with distractions. They come at us every minute of the day and in all shapes and forms. Whether it is kids, co-workers or the Internet who is stealing our time and attention, these distractions are real time wasters. This environment has created a situation where one of the most common problems that many people have is in focusing on particular tasks for long periods of time. But success requires an ability to focus on a task for an uninterrupted and long period. Developing this skill set however is one that requires real diligence and one must design strategies to gain more focus. They include turning off the phone and tablet computers while doing important work. And finding quiet places to work on important tasks.