Regulatory compliances, eDiscovery requests, and legal mandates are just three reasons why businesses need email archiving tools in place. Open source systems are now the preferred methods, but that is not only because of those top three reasons. There are many other benefits of choosing this type of solution.

The Benefits of Open Source Email Archiving Tools

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed with these tools, including:

  • There is never an issue with storage management, as this is unlimited.
  • Data mining and knowledge management becomes easier than ever before.
  • Remote workers can access their emails using a protected and safe interface.
  • Disaster recovery is easier than ever.
  • Emails can be filtered and searched in a way that is far easier than any old fashioned backup system was able to do.
  • It offers a wealth of other functions and features that benefit businesses of all size.

Do You Need on Premise or Hosted Solutions?

There are two key options available for those looking for an email archiving solution. The first is to purchase the appliance itself, which captures every element of digital and electronic communication, storing it on site – or at least in a physical device that the business is responsible for. The second option is to use a hosted service. This means that storage is done on the cloud, accessible through a web browser from any internet-connected location.

There are pros and cons to both solutions, although it is now widely accepted that cloud storage options are the best of all. It avoids businesses having to run their own server, which in turn means that their IT resources can be utilized in more important areas of work. Additionally, there is no cost or time involved with maintaining systems either. Plus, choosing an on premise solution tends to be incredibly expensive, even without counting the cost of maintenance and training.

Going for open source, by contrast, means that all of the technical work involved with email storage is outsourced to a professional company. They are responsible for making sure the servers are maintained and protected, and that they are fit for purpose. They provide support to operations as well, and the knowledge of their staff members is always fully up to date. Essentially, outsourcing means that you, as a business, can focus on what you really need.

Available Options

With more and more businesses becoming interested in high-tech email archiving solutions, external providers have started to change their offerings as well. Any specific needs that a business may have in terms of their email archiving is now available. Unlimited storage options, the ability to expand or contract the service as needed, off-site support, retrieval options, accessibility options for people with different credentials, spam filtering, and more, is all available on request. The most important thing of all, however, is that these solutions all enable businesses to be compliant with eDiscovery requests and other industry and legal requirements and regulations.