Airbnb Apartment

Airbnb Apartment Tips

People around the world love to travel, and never before has it been easier to do said travel. With lodgings and housings being so high in demand, it’s easy to see why hotels can be so expensive today.

That’s why a lot of people have been turning their spare bedrooms of entire apartments into Airbnbs, simply to accommodate that need for lodgings. People in general have had perfectly pleasant experiences with both hosts and guests in the Airbnb service, so it means it’s not something difficult to arrange to be either host or guest. There are a few things to keep in mind however.

Getting started

Before listing your place online, make sure you stock up on house essentials such as towels, extra sheets, soap, and the like. It’s also important to put up the house rules, Wi-Fi password, and some emergency numbers such as contact or police, somewhere where it’s plain to see.

Create an irresistible listing

Nobody wants to have an uninteresting social media photo, and that should be the same with Airbnb listing photos. Make sure every photo shows the place in its peak form and you have exhaustingly listed every detail that might be of use to the guest.

Remove the unnecessary stuff

You might not rent out the entire apartment, but if there’s a room or a closet or that’s off-limits make sure it won’t show clothes hanging from racks. Also, pick up things that might create clutter around the apartment, like some cardboard boxes or broken appliances.

Be an excellent host but not a best friend

When meeting and greeting guests extending courtesies is a must, but what they’ll appreciate the most is space. Make sure to not be in their way, and know that if they have need of you they’ll be the ones contacting you. Word of good hosts travels fast.

Short term vs. long term rentals

Long term rentals can be easier to handle, especially if you’re out of town for the time-duration or on vacation, but keep in mind that it might be a lot more profitable if have more short term rentals. It can get hectic trying to organize that amount of guests, especially on your own, and if you have a short window between guests it can be quite difficult to even clean up before your next guests arrive. In cases like that it’s important to work together with a reliable cleaning company that can operate on a short notice.

Set an appropriate price

This might go without saying, but it’s incredibly important to be aware of prices of other lodgings in the region. Check for hotels, motels, and other Airbnb to get an idea of how the market-set boundaries. In services like Airbnb it’s not easy to demand more than the market could bear.

Tip: If you’re operating near full capacity almost all the time it’s most likely your price is too low. You may consider increasing it.