Although you may not like to think about it much, where are you planning on having your final resting place one day?

For many people, this can be an uncomfortable matter to discuss.

That said having your final funeral plans in order is important for both you and your loved ones.

If you stop to think about it, the last thing you’d want is for your loved ones to not know what you wanted. If that occurs, there can be chaos and even some hurt feelings.

So, do you have a final resting place in mind?

Checking Out Your Options

In going about deciding on a resting place, would you consider the following options? If so, which one might appeal most to you?

  1. Traditional burial – Despite more people going with cremation, traditional burials are still common. If you opt for such a plan, know that it will not come all that cheap. Traditional services with a coffin and all that go with it can run you or your family thousands of dollars. Even with those costs, you may have other family that you want to be by in a cemetery. As such, this kind of service and final resting place would of course make sense.
  2. Cremation and an urn at home – For some, it can be real hard to say goodbye to that loved one who has been in their life. With that in mind, would you consider cremation and your ashes placed in an urn? This would be for your significant other or a child to keep in their home. One advantage to cremation is it tends to be less expensive than your traditional burial in a coffin. With cremation, you also do not have the expense of embalming.
  3. Cremation and ashes at sea – If you’ve had a love of water, you won’t surprise many by asking one to scatter ashes at sea for you. This will give you the opportunity to rest in a place you so loved. Whether you fell in love with the ocean at an early age or later, having your ashes scattered there is an option.

Don’t Wait Until Too Late to Decide

With all that goes on in life, it is understandable you put off the discussion of your final resting place.

With that thought in mind, you do not want there to be an issue between loved ones when you die on where to bury you.

Your best bet is to get everything in writing while you are still of sound mind and your healthcare is not an issue. Doing this makes it clear to all those around you what your wishes are.

Last, if money in fact is an issue, search for the best deals out there.

By doing some research, you could lock in a good rate for your services now even if you live a couple more decades.

In coming up with your final resting place, will you get what you want?