Paris Travel Tips

Family Travel Tips for Paris

Paris is known by many people as one of the most popular cities among travelers. The city overflows with beauty, art, culture and history. With its attractions, heritage, and things to do, Paris is an excellent choice for a family travel destination. However, we understand that Paris is a busy city, which can turn into a crowded place, full of the visitors and the people who live there as well.

Here are some tips on making your trip to Paris more organized while traveling with family.

Rent an Apartment

Some apartments will even be cheaper than hotels, and will definitely save you money. When it comes to traveling with family, we understand that it can become very pricey, especially in a hotel if you end up asking for more than one room. A rental can suit your every need, and most of the time it will provide you with more space than a hotel room.

Avoid lines, buy in advance

Your time in vacation is precious, which is why we give you a tip on how to avoid many lines. Most of the venues that are tourist’s hotspots offer an option to buy a ticket online, this way you will avoid the enormous lines that set up at the entrance of each place. Also, in places such as the Eiffel Tower it will tell you an hour to show up for your reservation, which will avoid not only the line to buy the ticket, but the line to enter the place.

Pack lunch and snacks

Eating out every time can become somewhat pricey when it comes to paying for an entire family. A lot of hotels offer buffet breakfasts, and here is where you should take advantage of taking some snacks, or even making yourself a sandwich for the day. This will definitely save you and your family some money.

Create a schedule

Avoid planning things the same day, because it can get messy and you can waste time. Organize your time in Paris so that you can make the most out of it. Ask everyone what they want to do, and try to fit everyone’s needs into the schedule. Planning ahead will allow you to visit most of the places you intend to see. Consider that a lot of museums are closed on Mondays, so take this day in advantage to visit the city or go to other places that you had planned for another day. Planning ahead will let you know what is your family mostly doing, walking around parks and the city, going to museums, churches, etc; this way you can establish if buying museum passes is worth it. Museum passes are quite expensive, but one pass allows you to enter up to 50 museums in a day, which is why planning ahead might give you an idea of the type of trip that you will be making.


Paris has an excellent public transportation system, however most of the time you can save money by just walking. If you stay near the center, it’s easily to talk from place to place and save yourself some money. The metro is also an economic choice for everyone, however when you take it you will miss of the city views of Paris. If you are tired and refuse to continue walking, try to order an Uber, they are often cheaper than a taxi, and also they will tell you exactly where are you going through and the estimated time to your destination.


If your kids are students, ask them to bring their student ID’s. You can get a lot of discounts in everything from transportation to museum entries. Also consider getting them an ISIC (international student identity card), which will also be considered as a student ID, and can have numerous benefits and discounts for your kids as well.