Fashion Purses

Bags are those fashion pieces that either tie a look together or become the focal point of the outfit. They are also one of the most functional pieces of fashion. Beyond looking stylish, they also perform the irreplaceable function of carrying everything and anything for us. When it comes to design, bags range from the basic and simple to the over the top and ridiculous. Most of the latter are considered ‘display bags’ pieces that are kept in closets but never actually taken in public. There are, however, some very unusual bags that we would definitely rock.

The Character bag

What is the character bag? Well, as the name would imply, it is a bag that is designed featuring the face of a popular character. A popular example is the SpongeBob bag that features the character of SpongeBob Squarepants’ face painted on the front. Other well-featured characters include Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny amount others. While this might seem like something only a dedicated fan or child would carry, it is a cheeky way to express style and if coordinated with the colors of the outfit, it can look amazing.

The See-through bag

Fashion and see-through concepts have always been a hit or miss. See-through dresses, see-through shoes and now see-through bags. Almost always made out of plastic or rubber, the purpose behind you (and everyone else ) being able to see the contents of your purse isn’t easily defined, but it has caught on in some fashion circles. Like many bags, it can be carried well when paired with the right outfit. This means it can come off as a serious fashion statement (I don’t care if you see what’s in my bag) or a playful one (look what’s in my bag!)

The McDonald’s bag

No, you did not misread that. The McDonald’s bag. The bag is a red number with the McDonald’s symbol on it. It might seem weird or tasteless (excuse the pun) to carry around a handbag with a fast food symbol on it, but it is, after all, a red bag and when carried is a. Not easily noticeable and b. Can be considered high fashion. Still in doubt? Well, Moschino did their own version of the McDonald’s handbag. If that isn’t high fashion, we don’t know what is.

Structure Handbags

This refers to handbags that are shaped and designed in the image of everyday objects. These objects include houses, telephones, dogs and even owls. On paper, they seem to be what you’d buy for a child. But if going for a futuristic or extremely playful look, these are go-to. What screams,” I don’t take myself or fashion too seriously’ like a poodle handbag? Nothing.

Lego Bags

Again, a child-like concept with great fashion potential. Lego handbags are made to look like they were constructed with legos. Why would anyone do this? A general worldwide obsession with legos, perhaps? The bag is best paired with a complete plain (preferably white) outfit and is able to stand out.