Healthy Eating

You depend on your good health for nearly everything you do. This includes working so you can paying for the place you live, your transportation, and your family, and having the life you have come to enjoy. If you lose your health, there is no doubt that it will cause real hardship that would change the quality of your life.

So you need to do all you can to keep yourself healthy. This means at work, home and wherever else you may be. You may have a dangerous type of job like a construction worker or bicycle messenger and in that case you need to know all of the things you should do on the job to keep yourself safe. But no matter what types of job you have, there are things you should do to help preserve and maintain good health. Doctors like Geoffrey Morell recommend the following good habits to maintain your health and vitality:

Exercise Regularly

For good health, you need to exercise at least one hour four times each week. Exercise provides a wide range of proven benefits to everyone who does it on a regular basis. The type of exercise you pick should be based on your preference and it does not really matter if you lift weights, play soccer, take vigorous walks, or do Zumba, your aim is to get three things accomplished from your workouts.

Stay Flexible – Keeping yourself loose and flexible is important for several reasons. When the muscles get too tight they pull things out of place and cause all sorts of musculoskeletal issues including ones that affect the nerves, ligaments and bones. If you are sitting all day in a straight backed chair, you are tensing your spine, back and neck often and over a long period you can do permanent damage if you do not do things regularly to relieve the pressure. Stretching accomplishes this. Similarly, if you do manual labor at work, you need to improve your flexibility so you do not pull muscles or cause tendon strains. You should stretch before and after you work out for ten minutes and also when you wake up for another ten minutes and one more time during the day at work.

Do Aerobic Exercise – When you do exercise that raises your heart rate, you put your body into high working gear. This action gets your internal organs working better and causes things throughout your body to flow better. There is increased blood flow to the internal organs and the hair and skin causing you to look and feel healthier. You will also create healthier lungs and heart and greatly reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke. You should do aerobic exercise four times each week for thirty minutes during your workout. You goal should be to get your heart rate up and maintain a rate of 80% of capacity.

Do Strength Training – Our muscles assist our bones in carrying our bodies around. They also help with many bodily functions like digestion and also the heart is a muscle. So having our muscles in shape is of paramount importance. If your job requires walking a lot, lifting things or repetitive motions, having greater strength is a major asset and will help you avoid injury.

Eat Right

Having a good diet goes a long way to insuring you have great health. What you eat to a large measure will determine how you function, so eating right can make you either healthy or not. Eat a balanced diet and nutrient rich diet that consists of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the right proportions and make sure that you get all of the proper nutrients and vitamins you need to have you body function optimally and to fight off things that can cause disease.

These two things are proven to help you stay young, fit and healthy.