Girls night outIt’s meant to be one of the best nights of a girl’s life, but to say that there are more than a few exaggerations in relation to hen dos would be a gross understatement. Sure, these myths don’t quite touch upon the male equivalent, but they are still worthy of being the topic of today’s article.

More and more girls are opting to host their hen party overseas. Of course, the very notion that such an event should not occur on home soil can raise eyebrows, and bring even more myths to the table. As you might have already gathered by now, today’s article is all about busting these myths once and for all.

Myth #1 – It’s All About Being as Wild as Possible

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, depending on which side of the fence you sit on), this isn’t the case. Sure, hen nights might have that reputation associated with them, but it really doesn’t have to be like this. More and more women are turning to relaxing days, rather than frantic nights, and turning to the likes of spas or even golf days. In fact, a lot of hen parties will now end as soon as the evening meal is complete!

This puts the notion of hen parties being wild right to bed; there’s not much you can get up to in the middle of a spa, after all.

Myth #2 – They Are Grossly Expensive

The thought of hosting one of these events abroad immediately makes many think that they are going to cost a fortune. Budget airlines have really removed this excuse and unless you are planning on jetting across to the other side of the world, you and your hens really won’t be paying the earth to attend. Wherever in the world you attend you’ll probably have to purchase some form of accommodation, so as long as you can get a budget flight they really shouldn’t become too much more expensive.

Myth #3 – Everyone Has to Know Everyone

You are hosting abroad, so one misconception is that everyone needs to know everyone in a bid to feel “comfortable”. Well, as long as the bride-to-be knows everyone, that’s all that matters. Don’t worry about people being reluctant to travel to places where they won’t know everyone; these overseas hen parties have become a lot more popular over recent times so this is simply expected.

Myth #4 – You Must Organize Entertainment

This is probably one of the most worrying issues for those that end up organizing hen parties (and bachelor ones, for that matter), for the simple fact that it is hard to please everyone. Sure, the movies might stereotype certain forms of entertainment for these occasions, but in truth you don’t need any.

In fact, if you were to study each and every hen party across the world, you would probably find that most take place without any form of entertainment. Most hens, and their friends for that matter, are more than happy spending the time together. Bringing entertainment, or visiting entertainment if you are thinking about booking tickets for an event of some kind, is certainly not a necessity and is not going to be the point which dictates whether or not it’s classed as a fun hen night.