After the long sprawl of chilly autumn, freezing winter and watery spring, we’ve finally made it to summer, the season that was practically made for showing off your latest look. The sun is shining, everyone is outside enjoying the heat, so it’s time for you to show off your latest summer look. For this summer, the theme for most celebs and hair stylists has been inspired by nature, aka. the weather, natural colours and summer’s sweet treats. That’s why it’s time to book an appointment at your hairdressers so that you can get your latest style sorted and ready to show off to the world. 

Rooty Blonde

This is a look that can be used to make anyone look fantastic. Whether they’re one of <a href=””>the best Euston escorts available</a> or perhaps a professional lawyer or maybe just a normal university student. Either way, if they combine dark roots with an ice blonde colour then this can give an extremely dramatic style, especially if the hair is layered and shades the dark and light tones together. Just remember to pick a lighter hair shade than your roots to make the look stand out. You can use mellower tones of blonde and brown, but the effect will not be a “dramatic.” Some people even call this look “white sand” if they’re using platinum white colouring to combine with their darker roots. 

Fire Red

Okay, so it’s obvious that since we are now in the full throttle of summer, red hair colouring is going to become a megatrend this season. But it’s not just any sort of red. This season it’s “fire truck red.” Pinterest has already seen a 90% redhead hair increase, namely because summer practically calls for more vibrant shades of hair colours. Why not jump on this trend and add a little vibrancy to your hair? This colour makes your features stand out, especially your eyes and cheekbones.

Pale Peach

If you aren’t feeling going full redhead for the summer, why not go for a subtler shade like the colour peach? Everyone loves peaches for their soft and sweet flavours and juicy interiors. That’s why you will love combining a rich orange shade with softer lighter tones. However, if you feel like standing out from the crowd, try colouring your hair with different shades of peach (on its own) or with gold or brown. This will give you a shimmering look that will make you look amazing. It truly is a unique look.

Rose Pink

Now, this is a slightly more feminine look, but if you want to be compared to a blushing rose, then using different variations of pink on your hair is the perfect way to get a soft natural look. Make sure to combine them with light shades of brown and tinted peach to get the best colour combinations. You can use this colouring with both short and long styles. However, it does look amazing with wavy hair, as the colouring will give you that perfect mermaid appearance.

Faded Pastel

If you’ve been following the recent hair trends, then you will see that pastel has become a bit of a fashion trend recently. However, things have been changing with the bright and vibrant hues and now it’s time to try out the “faded pastel” trend. This is where you can combine a light wash/tint of colour with your natural hue. For instance, if you are blonde then you can have a small dash of pink or blue, if you’re brunette then you might want to try gold or purple and silver or white if you have black hair. The trick is to try and make it look washed out rather than saturated. That means that you get a small blush of colour that people notice the longer they look at you.

The best way to achieve this look is to actually use temporary hair dyes, or even spray-on hair colour, that you can brush through your roots down your hair and add an even tone. Just remember to not spray too much of it or else you will get a sticky, cracked appearance of “hairspray” hair instead of soft luscious locks.

Strawberry Blonde

This style is more of a throwback to the late ’60s and early ’70s, where strawberry blonde hair was practically a staple image of models and a young woman all around the country. The best way to achieve this look is to start with light-red hair. From there, try adding some golden highlights to give your roots a soft and sandy look. If you do it right then it will make you look like your hair has been left out in the sun and has absorbed some of its gorgeous golden rays. It’s a perfect beach look.


Blackberry hair was a style that hung around in 2017 but has now made a reappearance back in 2019. This look is great if you are a fan of black hair, or are still in your “edgy phase”, but it’s a mixture of black, blue and purple colouring. The different colour tones give the hair different dimensions, therefore it keeps your hair on it for longer. It is perfect for people who want to give their dark hair a little bit more shine and colour. Just keep in mind that you will have to go lighter to achieve this look. That way you can see a mixture of tones, rather than just the dark colours. 

What colour are you going for this summer? 

Summer is the time to show off your luscious locks. After all, you are going to be spending so much time outside either at the beach or on holiday by the pool, so why not try something to new out? It’s a great way to try out a new style and create a new look for yourself and your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might find a look that you might want to stick with even after the season is over.