House moving is one of the most stressful things we can do in our lives. It can turn our lives upside down for a few weeks and we also end up spending a lot of money.  However, with proper planning ahead, you can avoid any unexpected costs last minute and enjoy some cost savings.  Below are some money savings tips for moving house:-

Declutter – Moving is a good time to do some decluttering. Although you may want to bring everything with you to your new home, it would be wise to donate or give away things that you would not be using.  The cost of moving is determined by weight and space.  The more items you have to move, the more expensive your move will be. By reducing things, you can save time packing and also cut down on the weight of your boxes and the space they may occupy.

Insurance – If you have some precious and fragile items, it is good to get these items insured.  If any of your items get broken in transit, you are covered and do not have to fork out more money to get them replaced.

Choose Off Peak Season – The specific date of your move can affect the cost of moving dramatically like a weekend move. Many people choose summer time to move which makes it a peak season.  You can enjoy some savings of up to 50% if you choose to move in winter.  

Free Supplies – You can save some money by getting free cardboard boxes for moving house.  Ask your friends and family if they have any spare boxes.  Or you can even check out your local grocery stores or supermarkets for some free cardboard boxes. Once you have set your moving date, start saving boxes or packaging material like bubble wrap that often come with deliveries sent to your home.    You can even use towels or bed sheets to pack and wrap fragile items. This will help you save on the packing material cost.  A good way to reduce waste too.

Packing Yourself – While it is more convenient to hire movers to pack your things, doing it yourself could save you a few hundred bucks or more.  Many professional movers offer additional service like packing assistance but they are not cheap.

 Hiring Movers

Before you hire a professional moving company, it is always a good idea to shop around for the best rates. Get several quotes from multiple movers from online transport marketplaces like Shiply that has a network of rated shipping companies on their platform.  All you have to do is just fill up some basic information on their simple form online and sit back to relax because you will receive custom quotes sent to your email within minutes.  This gives you one simple space where you can view your options and compare quotes. Shiply also has a rated feedback system where you can check the previous reviews and ratings by former users of these moving companies so that you can get an idea.