Every single day, we all encounter an epidemic sweeping the nation. Epidemic may be a strong word, but with how connected we are to our phones, having a dead phone is a serious issue that can disrupt every single part of your day.

We all rely on our phones for information- social media, updated bank balances, that weird feature that actually lets us call people. You can’t be without a full-charged battery, which is why on-the-go charging provides you with the perfect solution to problems in an imperfect world.

If you’re going to get stuck without your traditional iPhone 8 chargers, you’re going to need a way to turn that disaster around and charge your devices. This is where wireless docks and a charging bag would come in handy. TYLT’s portable charging methods don’t just keep you charged, they keep you in charge.

We’re always connected— it’s how we get our news, how we know what’s going on with our friends, and how we check in with family. You know that anxiety you get when your battery drops and you don’t have a charging possibility handy? That’s something that everyone feels because we’re using our phones to better our lives. Our reliance on them can really get in the way of living life, but not if you have portable, on-the-go charging at the ready!

Wow your friends with a wireless charging dock that actually does its job, or plug in their iPhone when they need a helping hand, directly into your portable power bank on your backpack! Your phone’s battery slowly becomes less reliable over time, but that shouldn’t stop you. You’re a go-getter, now get up and go get ‘em with portable means of charging your iPhone in 2018.