Unfortunately, mistakes can happen during plastic surgery, no matter which surgeon performs the procedure. Good research by the patient can reduce the likelihood of mistakes happening, but it doesn’t eliminate it altogether. Plastic surgery is fraught with mistakes, from poor procedures to poor aftercare, and this happens mainly with people who choose price over quality. This is also why plastic surgery to fix hardened implants is now becoming more common.

Plastic Surgery to Fix Hardened Implants and More Problems

The most visible of all plastic surgery mistakes has to be when something is done on the face. Unfortunately, these are also the most difficult mistakes to fix. People can end up looking unnatural or wooden, and some can even develop facial paralysis to a degree. Implant surgery, meanwhile, can lead to people experiencing toxic leakages, asymmetry, or disproportionate looks. Of course, there is always a risk of scarring, making the tissue go harder.

If the cosmetic surgery happened somewhere other than the face, it is reasonably easy for the patient to hide it. However, this isn’t really a solution, because they generally will have had the surgery to feel better about their body. After botched surgeries, people often feel extreme guilt, believing the result is their punishment for being vain.

Two of the most common problems with plastic surgery are excessive scarring and bleeding. Scarring, in most cases, is caused by inadequate planning and poor procedures. Sometimes, this results in people needing more surgery in order to fix this, but, again, the emotional issues associated with this are not helped in that manner. Excessive bleeding, meanwhile, is potentially vey dangerous as it makes it more likely for people to develop infections, and it slows down recovery.

Of course, the fact that mistakes can be corrected is good news. That being said, it is unfortunate that there is now a need for certain surgeons to specialize in fixing plastic surgery mistakes. In an ideal world, however, people would do their research first, choosing only surgeons that are properly accredited, certified, and registered. Unfortunately, these are also the more expensive surgeons, which is why many people choose not to go there.

Additionally, even the best surgeon in the world cannot avoid complications in full. And then there is the psychological element, which is that even a fully successful surgeon may not deliver the result that people had expected. Sometimes, people completely disconnect from the image they suddenly see in the mirror. Good surgeons do also offer counseling before someone has a procedure completed, particularly if it is one that will significantly alter appearance.

The goal of plastic surgery is for someone to improve the way they look and the way they feel about themselves. This is where it becomes clear that it is both physical and psychological. The psychological element of this type of surgery is, unfortunately, highly unpredictable and people sometimes simply do not end up with the results they were hoping for because they had unrealistic expectations.