Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for being a touristic destination filled with diversity among its nature, its culture, its people, history, and geography. Located in Central America, it is surrounded by water on two coasts, which gives Costa Rica two major cultures: one in the Pacific Ocean and one on the Atlantic Ocean. The abundance of natural diversity gives this place its beauty and a sense of uniqueness. With a total of 51,100, Costa Rica possesses one of the greatest density and biodiversity of species in the world, which included four types of rainforests and 60 clearly recognizable volcanoes.

The tropical climates along the coasts and the highlands offer a great variety of temperature zones, which is why when you visit Costa Rica you should be able to stay at the place that has your ‘perfect climate’. Often people decide to go for Costa Rica home rentals instead of picking a hotel while vacationing at Costa Rica, not only for its convenience, but also for their breathtaking locations. Costa Rica is one of the most visited destinations in Central America for its diverse nature and its peaceful surroundings; therefore here is a list of reasons why it should be your next destination.

1. The adventure

If you are someone who likes the thrill of an adventurous vacation, Costa Rica will be the perfect destination for you. It is a country known for its zip-lining tours, kayaking, skydiving, cliff diving, and scuba diving, hiking trails, water rafting, among other exciting adventures. If you are an adrenaline seeker, Costa Rica has everything you need to make your vacation enjoyable.

2. The accommodations

As mentioned previously, home rentals might be the ideal option for your stay in Costa Rica. There is nothing like being able to set yourself in the place you want to be, and pick what suits you the best. Also, with home rentals you are able to pick everything you want to have included in your stay.

3. The beaches

Costa Rica is for everyone. For the peaceful vacationers, Costa Rica offers them over 1,000 miles of coastline filled with gorgeous beaches. Without mentioning that this country is also one of the top surfing destinations in the world. The beaches are under preservation; maritime zones protect over 99% of the coastal land. This has allowed the jungle behind the beach to be preserved and maintain its original beauty. Construction is prohibited within 200 meters of the high tide mark which us why beaches in Costa Rica are like no other. One can often walk along the jungle lined beaches and spot monkeys, parrots, sloths, toucans, in the trees right behind them.

4. The local cuisine

Costa Rica is famous as well for its local cuisine. The country is a recognized grower of coffee, bananas and chocolate. The country’s ecosystem and weather conditions have allowed the country to expand on this. For instance, Costa Rican coffee is famously recognized for its smooth and succulent flavor that is often organic. If you are a coffee lover, add a tour to the coffee plantations to sample coffees straight from its main source.

5. The volcanoes

Believe it or not, the volcanoes are a huge attraction in Costa Rica. Not only do they provide the country with rich and fertile soil, but also the surrounding areas around them are so green and full of life that makes them popular for hiking, camping and mountain biking.

6. The flora and fauna

This country is filled with an immense variety of plants and animals. Sloths are a rare specie of mammal that can be found everywhere around Costa Rica. It is also filled with monkeys, raccoons, lizards, geckos and iguanas all over the place. In addition, Costa Rica is also known to be a bird watching destination, having recorded 870 bird species found here. Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystem holds 13,000 plant species, 4,500 types of butterflies, 163 types of amphibians, 220 varieties of reptiles, 1,600 species of fresh and saltwater fish and an abundance of mammals and insects. The impressive amount of life in this place will take your breath away.

7. One of the happiest countries

Not only is Costa Rica army free, which makes it a place at peace, but also the citizens have experienced a way of life that offers neutrality and freedom. The country’s motto is “Pura vida” which means “pure life” or “life is good”, therefore you can expect everyone to be very welcoming and cheerful. In effect, “Ticos” which are how Costa Ricans are known, are well known for their hospitality to others. “Ticos” are relaxed and outgoing people, and will always attempt to make you feel at home while you are away from home.

8. Hot Springs

Due to its numerous volcanoes, Costa Rica has an abundance of thermal springs. The hot water that streams down the mountains creates pools of natural hot springs which feed directly from the volcanoes, making it all a process of natural heating. Some are located in the heart of the jungle, whereas others have been surrounded by hotels and have been restored for the tourist eye. But whichever type you prefer, make sure to try this peaceful and relaxing experience.