There are many trends in home interior design, but there are elements that have already become a standard – not just because they are practical, but also because they can be beautiful and stylish and perfect for any home. Fitted wardrobes or bespoke wardrobes, as they are also called, have become quite the trend – and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. With bespoke wardrobes, you don’t have to worry about lacking storage space for your belongings, and you can have a wardrobe that is just the right size, shape, and made from the right material and finish for your needs and taste. So why else are more homeowners choosing fitted or bespoke wardrobes for their living spaces? Here, your top questions are answered.

They’re more efficient

There’s no denying that we want to be more efficient with our use of space in our homes. This is why we invest in cupboards and cabinets for our kitchens and bathrooms, and why we have bookshelves and other storage elements where we can safely store our goods. And with a bespoke wardrobe, you can do just that for your bedroom and living area. A wardrobe can maximise the space you already have, which means that you can have one built according to your bedroom – whether it’s a small and compact one that can benefit from a small wardrobe in one corner or a big one that can do with a walk-in closet. Built-in or bespoke wardrobes can be designed to fit into the most awkward of spaces as well, such as corners with L-shapes, alcoves, spaces underneath the stairs, and so on. 

But the built-in wardrobe doesn’t just benefit the actual room or space – it also benefits your belongings. You can have compartments, racks, shelves, or cubbies built into your wardrobe to accommodate your items, big and small. This way, you don’t need to find storage for jewellery, accessories, ties, bags, shoes, etc. – you can neatly fit them all into one place.

They can fit in with your interior theme

More homeowners are opting for fitted wardrobes such as the bespoke wardrobes Manchester bedroom specialists design for another simple reason: they can easily fit in with their home’s interior theme. This is useful if you are in the process of remodelling or are building a new home; your wardrobe can become part of your entire design aesthetic. 

If you opt for a pre-made or freestanding wardrobe, you have to take measurements of the space and then go out and buy the wardrobe and choose its finish, material, and so on. But the built-in wardrobe is built according to the existing measurements of your room, and you can easily select the different features that go with it as well. You have control over the features you want, whether you want sliding or folding doors, glass doors, extra shelves and drawers, cubbyholes, and the like. 

They are more affordable than you think

Unlike pre-made wardrobes that come at a fixed price, fitted wardrobe prices are more variable because you can choose the materials you want according to your budget, along with elements such as finishes and other custom items. Even if your budget isn’t big, you can get a bespoke wardrobe precisely to your requirements, and it is bound to last longer and be more durable as well.