Beauty Tips

I have never been a girly girl as such and whilst many of my friends are, that kind of lifestyle just never really suited me. With that being said, I recently had a difficult couple of months and a friend of mine suggested that I got some pampering. I decided that it couldn’t do any harm and so I had a quick search online and found a great local beauty clinic with some offers on, I checked out the testimonials on the Sono Bello reviews, the place looked good and so I went and spent a day there. The results were amazing and I now I fully understand why so many people use these kind of services.

If you were in any doubt as to whether or not you should spend a bit of money on yourself for a beauty day, here is why I think that you should.

Feeling Special

We all need to feel special every now and again and there is no better way of doing so than to have a beautician, or indeed several beauticians, attending to your skin, your hair, and any other area of the body which you like. Naturally beauticians want to do a great job and in doing so they are highly attentive and detailed in the way that they treat you, leaving you feeling very special indeed.


It is not only the experience itself which is worthwhile, but the results of your treatments and service will greatly improve how you feel about your body, and how you look. I went for a face peel and some laser liposuction when I was in the clinic and I absolutely love the results that both treatments had. I quickly learned that going to a beauty clinic is not only about the day itself, but the lasting results which this kind of experience will have on you and your body.


I am not short of friends but it was so nice to sit and have a chat with someone new, someone who took an interest in me and my life, and someone who had plenty of stories and bits of gossip to share with me. What I particularly like is that whenever I go back now, the beauticians remember who I am and ask my questions about my friends, family and my life.

Spring in Your Step

I challenge anyone to go to a beauty clinic for some treatments, and not leave the place with an extra bit of bounce in their step. This surprised me the first time that I did it but now I always make sure that I have something planned for the night after I have been to the clinic. I love heading out with my girls after a day at the salon and I feel super confident and very comfortable in my own skin. This feeling usually lasts for at least 2 or 3 days and it is worth the cost of the treatments alone!