For many tourists Alicante is still only a short stop on the route from the airport to a different destination in Spain and this is a terrible mistake. This old port city, with a population of 300 000 deserves attention. Check out my article describing all the valuable things which you must see during your stay in Alicante.

Prepare your trip – Take care about Alicante airport transfer

Alicante is not the biggest city in Spain, but while staying in here it is worth taking care to ensure your stay well planned. First of all, make sure that you take care about Alicante airport transfer. This is a very important part of planning a trip, at the beginning of our stay we can save time and which is more important than time, we can we can avoid stress caused by the lack of organization. All of this we can achieve thanks to They offer high quality Alicante airport transfer which is a great way to start an unforgettable journey. Of course, apart from Alicante airport transfer you should take care of booking a hotel and a flight, plus you should also make a short plan of what you are going to explore. Below you will find some places worth seeing during your journey through this beautiful city.

Beautiful beach

The main attraction of the city is the beach in San Juan de Alicante. For years it has attracted tourists from Great Britain, France, Colombia, Morocco and Algeria, but it is also possible to meet Spaniards from the capital. The main advantage of the beach is the convenient train connection and free exercise equipment. In addition to the beaches of San Juan, there are also Playa del Saladar, Playa del Postiguet.

Monuments and churches

The most important historic building in the city is the Castillo de Santa Barbara. This historic fortress, situated on a high rock, is the backdrop to the urban panorama. The castle is located on a rock 166 m above the sea level. Also worth mentioning is the Ayuntamiento – an 18th century Baroque town hall. As in most Spanish cities, there are also many churches in Alicante. Spain is very steeped in Catholicism, and setting up temples and cultivating religious traditions is very important for Spaniards. Basílica de Santa María is the most important church in Alicante.


As the center and capital of the province and the leading city in the region, Alicante has also a rich cultural offer. There are plenty of museums here. The most important and interesting of them is the Museum of Railways in Torrellano, the Museo de Arte de Siglo XX with the works of Spanish artists Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali. There are also many theaters and cinemas.