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If you have had enough of traditional beach towels, then you might want to consider showing your support for your favorite team instead. There are now lots of different towels available and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Chris Halajian’s personal favorite is the New York Jets beach towel. In fact, he believes that this towel is the absolute must-have for any good events, be that to celebrate the results of the last elections for Southold town city officials, or simply because it is Monday!

Why Chris Halajian Feels You Need a Jets Towel

For Halajian, there weren’t many candidates for best towel in the running. He definitely couldn’t see himself en route to a beach gathering with a towel with any other logo on it! Plus, the towel doesn’t have to be used solely for the beach. When people on the estate have organized a drink on the community green, for instance, bringing the towel for comfort is a great option. They could even be used as blankets if the party goes on until late at night.

Naturally, the most important thing about a beach towel is that its design reflects your personality. Just as a member of the police department would likely choose something with a badge, a sports fan like Halajian is more likely to pick something with his favorite team. While a towel is just a simple thing, it can be used to make a big statement at the same time!

Life isn’t meant to be complicated at all. Rather, it is meant to be happy, full of enjoyable moments that you can remember forever. The beach is a place where you can almost instantly fall into that enjoyment, but so is a pool party, a grassy hill on a summer day, and any gathering with your friends. But to be comfortable, regardless of where you decide to go, you need that towel or sheet to sit on. Opting for a New York Jets design, as a type of icing on the cake, even allows you to show the world who you support, while at the same time having a fantastic conversation starter.

Naturally, you may get a few raised eyebrows showing up with your Jets towel at a different game. Not everybody is a supporter, after all. That being said, good sportsmanship will dictate that you instantly have a bond with people from an opposing team, bantering about how one team is better than the other. It is all part of the game. You could just find yourself heading to a park one warm summer afternoon and coming back with a whole new group of friends, simply because you showed up with a Jets towel.

For Chris Halajian, owning a New York Jets towel is just the beginning of it. He owns lots of other types of memorabilia, simply because he is a true and genuine supported. He encourages everyone who loves the Jets to express their love the same way he does.