If you are one of those people still denying the fact that cannabis has any medical benefits at all, you might just need a wake up call. More and more research is being conducted by the day proving the benefits of medical cannabis for a multitude of health ailments, chronic diseases, and temporary pain. It has been used with success to treat everything from anxiety to epilepsy to PTSD, so if you still don’t believe that it is the world’s next miracle drug just start surfing the web and start reading.

Canadians have been reaping the benefits of medical marijuana for years now, and many of them have even turned to growing their own legalized medical plants with government approval. If you want to learn more about obtaining your medical license to grow in Canada, click here. Still not on board with the idea of weed as medicine? Check out the top reasons why more and more Canadians are growing their own medicinal plants.

It is one of the leading treatments for a handful of anxiety disorders. Whether you suffer from slight anxiety or a more severe disorder, there is a good chance medical weed is the right treatment choice for you. Lots of people stray away from cannabis because they think it will actually make them more anxious, but if you choose the right strain and use it in small amounts it can work wonders. Even people suffering from more severe disorders like PTSD have found their mental state to improve after being prescribed marijuana.

It helps with treating seizures, especially in young children. The disease known as epilepsy that causes rare or frequent seizures has been successfully treated with medical marijuana in many cases. The FDA has even approved certain marijuana-based drugs for treatment, especially for children looking to find a cure. Those who have been suffering for years with this disease with no treatment success consider weed to be a medical miracle.

There are no known risk factors when using cannabis as treatment. It makes sense for people to assume that inhaling cannabis smoke can cause lung damage or even lung cancer, but after many research trials this statement is inconclusive. Not extreme lung damage has been known to occur after cannabis use, especially if used in small amounts and not abused. Another pro of using weed as a treatment method is that there are very little risks for overdose or even having harmful side effects. When you watch commercials promoting over-the-counter drugs for common diseases, the end credits always list a million possible side effects that could come from using that drug. With cannabis this is not the case.

Cancer patients find a much higher quality of life after being prescribed marijuana. Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy knows just how horrible to symptoms can be. Constant feelings of nausea, fatigue, depression, hair loss, the list goes on and on. The patients who have been prescribed cannabis to keep these symptoms at bay claim that their quality of life returned and smoking improved these symptoms significantly.